Keep your home in excellent condition with eVici.

eVici is created with the help of specialists from the construction- and insurance industry. Installed on your computer, tablet or mobile phone it helps you perform and document maintenance of your house in safe way. Keep your home excellent condition together with us.

NS3600 Compliance

Inventory Management

Home Maintenance

Contractor Services

eVici is unique with iVidi device

The iVidi device wirelessly connects to your phone or tablet. The solid aluminum casing contains thermography-, moisture- and distancesensor, that allows you measure the state of your house at regular intervals to uncover problems in the making. Thermograph your walls or fusebox to detect anomalies, or detect dangerous moisture buildup.

Precise measurements


Visualize heat leakage directly on your mobile phone. Discover hot circuits in your fusebox, or pinpoint blockages in your pipes.


Perform regular measurements in areas exposed to moisture, and verify there are no problems. Check if your drainage is intact, or if you have to do something about it. Moisture damages build over time, and discovering them early is your best insurance.


Measure exact distances with your mobile phone.

Tailored to you.

The first time you use the app, you will be asked a few simple questions. Based on your answers, we will customize the application for you, and suggest which level of maintenance that is most likely to appeal to you. You may change these initial settings at any time.

Tailored to your home.

The system will notify you on when and how to keep your home in the best possible condition. The content is developed by professionals and adapted to comply with the NS3600 standard. Your maintenance will be documented and stored, and this will help you increase the value of your dwelling and provide unique documentation e.g. if you want to sell it.

Detailed tasks.

Journeys are a series of tasks catalogued by specific themes like ‘Fire protection’, ‘Fall maintenance’ and so on. Each task contains detailed step by step descriptions, with accompanying images. This will help you perform maintenance efficiently, and you will automatically document all the things you do along the way.

Do It Yourself.

Follow predefined maintenance routines, or create your own.

Hire contractors

If the tasks are too complicated, hire a contractor. The most important thing is that you uncover anomalies before they become critical.

It is not only about maintaining…

Store warranties and receipts in one place. Get notified before a warranty expires. Categorize inventory into ‘electronics’, ‘clothing’, ‘sports equipment’ and so on. Get access to all your user manuals in one place.

LED 48” TV

Hadelandsveien 853,
2743 Harestua, Norway

Jan 17, 2013

Fee 2970 NOK

Tax 330 NOK

Total 3200 NOK

Safely stored.

Your dwelling information is at all times available on any of your mobile devices. Everything is securely stored in the cloud, using state-of-the-art technology. Your information will never be lost or enter the wrong hands.

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